La Vie En Rose

Dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors
And Also Those We Have Lost........

 ,/TD> A personal note from Jancarmen…….
Dear Fellow Collectors,
I’d like to reach out to those who have suffered with breast cancer, and you who have lost a friend or a loved one to the disease.

Please know that there is hope. At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma” of the breast.I was treated with a mastectomy and aggressive chemotherapy. I am a survivor ...without a reoccurrence... and here to testify that all is not lost... and all is not bleak.

There was no one in my family with a history of the disease, and as far as the norm, I did not fit most of the criteria for breast cancer candidates. I do not know why me, or really that it makes any difference. What has made a difference is my faith and trust in God, along with my family, friends and loved ones in my life whose love and support encourage me on a daily basis.
That is what this gown represents. Love, hope and encouragement for those affected, and others who want to help and share in this cause. I cannot say this any better than my new acquaintance, Claude Marie from the Northwest point of France. Her definition for me, about the meaning of La vie en rose” was this: “The all French expression "Voir la vie en rose" means that the person feels so happy in a moment of her life, or her feeling is so "optimistic" that everything seems beautiful and happy to her the rose color is the expression of love, romanticism and happiness, or naivety and innocence as the teen agers used to feel - I think that it's the same symbol in America”. I could not have said this any better. The Song, "La vie en rose" sung by Edith Pilaf speaks of the joy she feels when she is in her loved ones arms—everything becomes, “La vie en rose”. My pledge today is to embrace life and those around me. My glass can be “half full” or “half empty” at times. I have to decide everyday to make it half full. I have joy and love all. There is no greater gift than love.

Life has been a paradox of sorts. When you are diagnosed with the “C” word, it can become a thief and a robber. I’ve allowed it to rob me of my peace of mind. As I got past the hurdles of learning about the disease and proceeded forth with the measures prescribed for those first critical stages, my initial fear began to subside, but there are times that my thoughts fluctuate from wondering how long I would live to wondering if it would come back to when would it come back? I wanted control over a disease. I wanted to know when and if it could strike again.... so I could just cram more of the the things into my life that I felt I been procrastinating on. I know I am not alone.

I reach out to every woman out there that has suffered in one form or another from this disease and I say, keep on going. Don’t let negative thoughts come into your head. Replace them with a “now” thought. Survivors like us are out there. That’s what it’s all about, helping each other.

I thank Wendy Childers for coordinating this raffle and for allowing me to participate in it. It has truly been a rewarding experience. For the first time, I am reaching out, and acknowledging that yes, I too have had breast cancer. Let me embrace you with a hug....

La vie en Rose.

Fashion OOAK Especially Designed For The......
Fashion Doll Club of Southeast Virginia....
Sydney Chase Raffle for American Cancer Society



Gown was constructed of pink satin, lined in white silk. Its ribbed satin contrast, mimics the awareness ribbon for breast cancer. The bodice, pinched in the center graces a radiant rhinestone oval. Sydney wears sympolic pink ribbon earrings

Savoir Faire Sydney Chase models this angelic gown!

Created by Jancarmen Exclusively for the Fashion Doll Club of Southeast Virginia!

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A poem I composed dedicated to our raffle winner Sherry and her friend:

Impressionable Forever

The friends we’ve met
And truths we’ve known
The lives whose hearts
Are worth more than gold,
They touch our world
Our faith our souls
Impressionable forever

Joyous memories
Tearful moments
Happy times
Fearful torments
Bound together
Etched eternally
Impressionable forever

Love that is lasting
Deep and real
Sealed and bonded
Throughout every ordeal
Strengthened by pain
Guarded with trust
Impressionable forever

Though we may change
Our lives they may part
The bond that we’ve formed
Shall never depart
Your smile your face
Is what I embrace
Always to remain --- Impressionable Forever

Composed by Jancarmen Copyright 11/12/03jancarmen